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Welcome to KAMAYUT Technical Services and Consulting Group
PO Box 320-207, San Francisco, CA 94132-0207.
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Computer Repair Request Form
Print Name:
Agree to Kamayut’s Service Liability and Privacy Statement
Signature: ________________________________ Date: ____________________
Computer Issues
Serial Number:
Product Number:
Service Tag:
Operation System:
Error Message _____________________________
_ Viruses _ Needs Antivirus _ Slow _ Pop-Ups
_ Crashes/Reboots _ Freezes _ Needs Cleaned
_ No Video _ No Internet _ No Power
_ Needs hardware: ___________________________
_ Tower _ Laptop _ Custom
Items Checked In
_ Keyboard _ Mouse _ Power Cord _ AC Adapter Other:
_ Monitor _ Case/Bag _ Software ___________________
Summary of Repairs (Office Use Only)
_ Reloaded OS _ AC Adapter _ Cable _ Keyboard _ Mouse
_ Virus/Spyware Removal _ System Board _ Video Card
_ Antivirus Install/Configuration _ CPU _ Heat sink _ Fan _ LCD Replacement
_ Windows/Drivers Updates _ Hard Drive _ Optical drive _ Clean/Dust Removal
_ Installed RAM _______________ _ Power Supply _ Other _____________________
Technician Notes:
Parts Ordered:
Special Notes: If you are delivering the equipment by UPS/ FedEx/ USPS Delivery after agreeing the terms with Kamayut, Please print and fill up and sign the form. Make copy and Send the original together with the delivery package. The information filled in the form can be confirmed and reconfirmed with the service technician from Kamayut before and after the delivery of the package. We will also be confirming with you when we receive the package for service.

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